A Toddler Stalks Her Prey

The juvenile female eyes her prey across a toy-strewn carpeted jungle. Little more than a baby at 17 months old, nature has still provided her with the reflexes and coordination for her task. Her prey, a juvenile male of the species, less than a year older than she, sits distracted by the glowing box a few feet away.

She uses neither teeth nor claws. Instead she fashions a rudimentary club from a miniature broomstick.

Crouching, she watches and waits for the right moment to pounce. She sees her opportunity, sidles up to the male, and strikes. She makes contact with a satisfying thwack.

Retreating out of range for retaliation, she celebrates her victory by singing the song of her people, a cackle which can be heard across the entire range of her habitat. Triumphant, she wanders off in search of food for her growing body. She will hunt again another day.


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One response to “A Toddler Stalks Her Prey

  1. joanne2813

    quirky and well written. Now, when will he retaliate? and how – by stealth or just a full on knockout?

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